luca's house of mirrors

One can only see what one observes, and one observes only things which are already in the mind.  (Alphonse Bertillon)

"everything that has a beginning has an end "

now what's the mirror image of this sentence ? ;)

my Matrix experience began with the ending. THAT ending.

true story, albeit anecdotal. I might be the only person in this universe who saw this trilogy not only backwards, but  in a 3-1-2 sequence ... 

the first one I've seen, without having any idea whatsoever about anything related to the movie/s, was Revolutions. While the final credits were rolling all I could think of was "what IS this ?" next thing I know I'm borrowing DVDs in the order I can get them ; watched the movies in a totally random order ;  became determined to solve the puzzle, so bought all three DVDs, set up for a  movie-watching marathon, and press play.

seven hours later, I'm in awe.

that was sometimes in the summer of 2004.  being doing this movie-watching marathon ever since. lost count after the 8th viewing or so...  and each time it still leaves me in awe.

to say I love these movies would be an understatement. they were my wake-up call, my red pill prescription. they are my inspiration and my guide. they would be my sole religion, if I had to choose one. they took me places I never even knew existed. opened doors I never noticed before. lit a  led in the dark . got me browsing the net, discovering books, ideas, worlds, people. especially people ;)

thank gods for the Wachovskis . and thank the Wachovskis for their vision.

the rest is history.

oh, and to keep in tone with the site name... there is quite an interesting use of the 'mirrors' concept in the Matrix movies, the famous "reflection in Morpheus' mirrored sunglasses " scene being only the most obvious of them.  I might write an essay about that.   one day ...

In the meantime... here is the Wachowskis' introduction to the movies and specificly, to  The Ultimate Matrix Collection Box

I guess it's the only 'official' statement of the W's about the movie, except the movies themselves.  
And it’s beautiful.

Not only for being such a succinct and cutting analysis of the movie making industry of ‘today’. Not only for the sarcasm. Not only for the oblique way in which it suggests certain things.  But for the way it sounds as if it were written by The Oracle.

So I took the advice. I watched all three movies with both commentaries. I fought the urge of throwing things at the screen while listening to the critics’ commentary. I took notes. I cussed. I smiled. I smirked.

And I think I’m beginning to understand what the siblings are trying to do ;)

I could go on here. Telling you how each of the ‘sides’ interpreted the same scene. How  different the readings were.  Pointing out that the moment I heard the critics unanimously agree that “'the Architect’s speech’ scene is a bathroom break” , I lost any respect for a critic’s opinion whatsoever.
But I won’t. Instead, I’m begging you to listen to the commentaries yourselves. And reach your own conclusions.

Will only mention that ever since I read this ‘introduction’, there’s a post-it note on the corner of my PC monitor. It doesn’t read “know thyself”, or “there is no spoon”. It simply reads “WHY?”

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