( mostly a reaction to this and this added to the e-mail statement of Reeves' representatives to the Cheer Up Keanu Day  event) 

Dear Keanu,

So they told you about the 'Cheer Up Keanu Day', and as a response they went "Keanu Reeves would like to thank all of his fans for their concerns regarding his happiness and wants to assure everyone that all is well. This situation is a result of a misinterpretation of a paparazzi shot." To which you added "I don't think (I needed cheering up)," [...]. "I think that's one of those things where an image can evoke different feelings but not necessarily be telling the truth."
So your publicist showed you the SadKeanu photo, but didn't told you about the viral meme. And of course you didn't Google it.

Well, you know something? Maybe you could give it a try. Maybe you could give the internet a try, at least for curiosity's sake. 
And you wanna know something else? Reading the media coverage on you, your acting and your movies taught me to always go to the source material, 'cause maybe things are not exactly what 'they' make them to be. That it's best to see for myself and then make my own damn mind about it.  Funny, in this case you seem to disregard that...
So the next time -if ever- a similar phenomenon occurs on the internets, please please DO google it.  You may be up to a few surprises.   I can understand the need of putting publicists and PR people as walls between you and the maddening crowds. But this is the internet, where anyone - absolutely anyone- has the advantage of anonymity. You can take the pulse of your audience without actually being exposed to screaming fans.  And without resorting to any middlemen ( or women) no matter how professional they are. Isn't the internet wonderful?

And while you're at it, please google us too.  'Us' as in the otherwise quiet fans. The ones who don't crowd behind velvet ropes and beg for autographs. The ones who don't want to get anything else from you apart from what they already do : the movies. The ones who only want to give : admiration, respect, feedback on movies, thank you notes. And chose to express themselves online, 'cause this way, it doesn't have to be a two-sided exchange. Gods forbid, you don't have to write back. Just read. That's all.
Of course, that would require some of your time and attention. And perhaps that's exactly what you're not willing to give...

Forgive me, Keanu. I've probably just got a bad case of unrequited fangirling, if there is such a term/combo.

But please do consider googling yourself . Who knows, it could even be fun  ;) :D