Read the script for "Henry's Crime" a few days ago.
People, I'm hooked, salted and canned.
Okay, so maybe the script has got its faults, maybe this Carson guy is right.  We'll see after the film is done and released.
But I love the script for one reason : I am Henry. at least the Henry in the first eight pages.
Would I take the same way out ? Don't know.  What I know is that, deep down inside, I'm waiting for life to present me a similar choice. And too coward to make it happen.
It takes a certain kind courage to commit Henry's crime. Maybe that's what Carson missed when reading the script.
... and it's frightening to read something and find yourself staring into a mirror ; see it revealing aspects of yourself you're avoiding to think about...  to have a movie or a book or a song put the finger on a sore spot you kept ignoring...

Afraid this blog is getting a bit too personal. But then, it IS a mirror...