Yesterday I finally managed to re-watch one of the two movies that changed my life.
And no, I'm not joking.
I've seen it for the first time when I was four.Stayed up past my bedtime and watched TV. Got scarred for life. At that time, didn't understand English ( started learning it five years later) and couldn't read ( learned to read all by myself one year later. from a cookbook. and yet, to this day can't cook. oh, the irony ;) :D ). Didn't realize the dialogue was silly and the sets and props even sillier. The invisible monster caught all my attention. Frightened me to the point that for almost a year I didn't go to sleep until I covered my bed with a tent made of sheets first. So the monster won't see me. Won't get me.
Since that night, I'm afraid of the dark and the monsters that lurch within it. 

Now I'm 35. The movie seems even sillier. Don't get me started about the production design. Or the outdated Freudian theories.

And yet, I'm still afraid of the dark. THAT dark.

Never underestimate the power of images.