An almost unexpected surprise in today's world focused only on feel-good movies. A multi-layered little gem. A story about loneliness, pain, despair, and ways to cope with all that. A story about human connection and lack thereof. A story about games of power, seduction and domination. A meditation on how people behave in front and behind a camera. And the camera becomes a fourth character; a silent witness that's central to the plot; a fourth player that changes the rules of the game. or rather, as a journalist said, "the camera as a catalyst".
It's a story about finding hope - or not.
No, it's not everyone's cup of tea. yes, it will make most viewers uncomfortable. but those who have patience with this movie will be rewarded with a story that sticks with them for days. it's haunting.

As long as such movies can still be made, there's still hope. it means the moviemakingmagic is still alive.