the beginning

the end

and the whole madness in between :D

Martin sang Home, and played with us, asking us to sing the chorus again and again, without the words, just the melodic line. So we did, again and again. It was fun.Then Dave appeared for the next song, towel around the neck, cola bottle in  hand, and to gain time made us sing in 'canon', first the right side of the front stage area, then the left. And this went on for a while, with increased intensity. And we took it a bit too seriously, 'cuz Dave said 'you can't shut them up'. No, he couldn't :D  We kept going. Then he went 'ok, that was wonderful, thank you very much'. We laughed and applauded and yelled and kept going. So Dave went 'I'll settle them'.

And settle us he did. He started singing Halo and less than a minute later everyone was sobbing and wiping their eyes. That song strikes a chord in anyone. If it doesn't, you're not human...

And then he walked all the way on the 'catwalk' in front of the scene, and there he was, at less than 4 m away from me, in all his shirtless, sweaty, fascinating and unique splendor, an exquisite professional, and there I was , 4 meters away from him, jumping, waving hands in the air, yelling, sweaty and happy. Both playing our roles, both enjoying doing so. No, it didn't change my life. And yet it did, because for two magical hours, everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

What hurts, though, is returning to real life the next day. To the drudgery of business emails, appointments, fights with suppliers, demanding customers, error messages on internet banking, and so on.
oh well... so it goes.