Watched Beowulf. the 1998 version.
Remembered that I've seen it on TV many years ago ( in the days when I still watched TV) but it was dubbed in Hungarian so I thought that could be an excuse for bad dialogue.
Wrong. It's even worse in the original English version. And with awful deliveries.
As for the movie? Good gods, it's so bad it makes Johnny Mnemonic look good by comparison ! And that says a lot.
Yet it had its fun moments. And it was filmed on location in Romania. Which means some of my countrymen made a few bucks.

Completist that I am, watched Zemeckis' version too. Now that was something completely different . A CGI fest, but in a nice way. The 300 way. The script showed Neil Gaiman's touch , with the humor and the little twists and everything else that makes his trademark as a writer. And Anthony Hopkins looked like he was having fun ;) :D

And before you ask, yes, I read the darned poem. :D