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"We are what we think. All that we are arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world."  (Buddha)

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log entry 1214

Posted by LucaM on Wednesday, June 20, 2012, In : log entries 

... that's how it feels outside. since Monday. my brain is melting :|

(photo source: here)

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log entry 1213

Posted by LucaM on Wednesday, June 13, 2012, In : log entries 
Lux Aeterna - Clint Mansell

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log entry 1212

Posted by LucaM on Monday, June 11, 2012, In : log entries 
“I am nothing.
I’ll never be anything.
I couldn’t want to be something.
Apart from that, I have in me all the dreams in the world.”

(Fernando Pessoa)

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log entry 1211

Posted by LucaM on Friday, June 1, 2012, In : log entries 
“An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle but will never break.”

Chinese proverb 

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